Fractional CTO

Are you currently faced with a daunting technical, product or people challenge? Have you asked yourself any of the following questions recently?

Product Technical People
  • How do I quickly get to product market fit?
  • Am I building the right thing? What do I build next?
  • How do I reduce product or technical uncertainty?
  • How do I build more predictability in my roadmap?
  • How do I structure my team for growth?
  • How do I build my team? Whom should I hire?

After two decades building businesses and tech teams, the odds are that I've been through a similar challenge and could offer a thought or two.

Coaching Engineering Leaders

Management is creating diffs with people instead of code, where the PR lands some time into the future.

The jump from writing code to leading people isn't an easy one. How do you build and motivate engineering teams? How do you manage stakeholders and relationships to create win-win scenarios? And finally, how do you measure your own success?

I made that jump a decade ago. It was hard, but fortunately I had some amazing mentors along the way. I learnt a lot (and I'm still learning), and have been lucky to pay it forward and help a few people.

Angel Investing

I invest in British and Indian startups working in deep tech with a particular focus on artificial intelligence and natural language processing. I invest primarily through syndicates and bring along industry experts who not only provide cash but technical knowhow and their network.

Elsewhere on the web

You can find me on the following sites where I usually write or talk about Engineering and Management.