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by Pravin Paratey

About Me

Pravin Paratey


Hi there! My name is Pravin Paratey and I graduated in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

Following that, I worked at a number of startups building massively scalable systems to extract information from structured as well as unstructured text.

Some of the things I built are,

  • Web scale systems – Ad Tracking, Behavioural and Contextual targeting, Ad Delivery, Content delivery.
  • Natural Language Processing - Custom parsers, custom rules engines and grammars.
  • Parsers - Deterministic & Non-deterministic finite state automata based parsers for HTML & XML. Also built an elementary javascript parser for evaluating a very limited subset of javascript.
  • Search Engines - both vertical and organic.
  • Crawlers - both open and closed crawlers.


I am currently an Engineering Manager at Facebook, helping with the brand advertising strategy here.

Research & Teaching

My research interests are in the domain of Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction. Lately, I have started working in Graph Theory.

I enjoy teaching and I have taken guest lectures on Linux, Natural Language Processing and Probability theory. I have also taught elementary math to school children.


In the Press

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Feel free to email me at pravinp@gmail.com

[PGP public key]Fingerprint: C429 C386 6373 A951 73AC 5C90 0A4D 9C11 A817 15BC

Or, you can use the links here to reach me on social networks.