by Pravin Paratey

About Me

Hi there! My name is Pravin Paratey and I enjoy helping businesses scale. I have helped build new products and rapidly scale software engineering teams.

Some of the products I have helped build are

  • As an Engineering Manager at Facebook, my teams launched
  • As the CTO of Affectv,
    • Web scale systems – Built real time, web scale systems for Ad Tracking, Behavioural and Contextual targeting, Ad Delivery and Content delivery.
  • And before that, I built
    • Natural Language Processing - Custom parsers, custom rules engines and grammars.
    • Parsers - Deterministic & Non-deterministic finite state automata based parsers for HTML & XML. Also built an elementary javascript parser for evaluating a very limited subset of javascript.
    • Search Engines - both vertical and organic.
    • Crawlers - both open and closed crawlers.

Some of the teams I’ve helped scale are


I’m currently the CTO of Kantan who are on a mission to become UK’s most trusted home maintenance platform.

Research & Teaching

My research interests are in the domain of Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction. Lately, I have started working in Graph Theory.

I enjoy teaching and I have taken guest lectures on Linux, Natural Language Processing and Probability theory. I have also taught elementary math to school children.


In the Press

Date Publisher
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