by Pravin Paratey

Deebot - an IRC chat bot

Deeb0t is an IRC chat bot. It is capable of making meaningful conversation with other users. It also responds to commands issued by its owner.


[deebot main window](/img/posts/deebot-main.gif) [deebot options window](/img/posts/deebot-prefs.gif){: pure-img} Download deeb0t v0.1 Requires [.NET Runtime 2.0](")


The first time you start deeb0t, it will show you the options window:

  • Bot Name: The chat handle of the bot.
  • Operator Name: Your chat handle. The bot will only respond to commands from this handle.
  • Server: The IRC server to connect to.
  • Port: The port to connect to.
  • Channel: The channel you want the bot to join.


  • When Deeb0t is loading the AI files, it may consume upto 100 mb. The memory usage will come down to about 4mb when its done.

Bot Commands

You can control the bot by issuing commands. Commands begin with a ~.

  • help: Use this to see a list of commands.
  • join _channel_: Command the bot to join channel. ex. ~join #linux
  • leave _channel_: Command the bot to leave channel. ex. ~leave #linux
  • say _message_: Command the bot to say something in the chat room. ex. ~say hello world
  • priv _nick_: Command the bot to send nick a private message. ex. ~priv bunny hello
  • pounce _nick_ _message_: Pounce means, post message to a user immediately after they arrive in a chat room. Possible uses could be to tell your friend that you are afk :P. ex. ~pounce bunnie Go to your room and study -BigBear. You can have multiple pounces active (pounce on different users) at the same time. To turn off a pounce, leave message blank. ex. ~pounce bunnie
  • talk-to _nick_: Command deeb0t to begin conversation with nick. To tell deeb0t to cease conversation, type it again.

Modding the Database

You can modify the language database by editing files in the config and aiml folders. Do remember backup the files before you begin any modifications.



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