by Pravin Paratey

Weekday Stats for Wordpress

Download Weekday Stats

This plugin is capable of displaying two graphs: Posts per Day and Comments per Day for the days of the week.


Showing posts statistics Showing comments statistics
  1. Display Posts v/s Day and Comments v/s Day graphs.
  2. Control the height and width of the graph.
  3. Widgetized!


After downloading, extract the contents in your wp-content/plugins directory. And then activate the plugin.

If your template is widgetized, you can drag and drop Weekday Stats - Posts and Weekday Stats - Comments to display them.

To manually add WeekdayStats to your template, use


I do not know how to supply width and height parameters to the widget. So if you are using the widgetized form of this plugin, the height and width will revert to default values. To fix this, you'll have to edit the code and change the default width and heights.